Words to Keep me Tough

No matter how successful you are or how many victories you’ve had in the past, sooner or later there will be an opportunity to give up your happiness and become discouraged.

I see too many people who’ve allowed life to wear them down. They once were joyful. They walked with a spring in their steps. They greeted each day with excitement. But over time, they’ve allowed their happiness to give way to heaviness. Just like a dark cloud, it follows them everywhere they go. Unless they learn how to pass the discouragement test, it will keep them from God’s best.

You may face problems and setbacks, but remember, God is still leading the way. He has given us the strength to be where we are with a good attitude. When that discouraging spirit comes knocking on the door, you don’t have to answer. Just say, “No, thanks. I’m keeping my joy. I know God is in control of my life. He will allow me to go where I’m supposed to be.”

There will be opposition on the way to your destiny. It may take longer than you had hoped. It may be more difficult than you’d thought. You can easily feel discouraged and think it will never work out, whatever the challenge might be. But you have to realize, on the other side of that discouragement awaits a new level of your destiny. When you pass the test, there will always be promotion.

If you are to become everything God has created you to be, you must be willing to say, “I have come too far to stop now. It may be tough. It may be taking a long time. I may not understand it, but I do know this: My God is still on the throne, and what He promised, He will bring to pass.” Have a made-up mind, and resolve that no matter what comes your way, no matter how long it takes or how impossible it looks, you are in it for the long haul. You will not lose your passion. You will pass these discouragement tests. Your victory is already on the way.



Is anyone here who feels the same way as I do? That when theres nothing to do, she finds herself lonely and in need of someone to talk to. When theres nothing to do, shes scared that the demons in her head will give her something to worry about, something to ruminate that it will end up with an imagination of herself giving up on her dreams and just let the circumstances defeat her.

I find myself at times defeated by my thoughts. But I will suddenly realize its just my head messing with me.

But really. Why does depression becomes so hard to defeat? It will literally take your life in a way the demons wanted to.

I had a hard time imagining myself being happy. But its easy to imagine myself defeated.

Why does it have to be this way?

The False Self

The false self is also called the personality or ego. Some aspects of it are inherited; others are developed through our experiences with family, friends, the culture we live in, our education, and our religious upbringing. Though aspects of the personality may change over the lifetime, the false self tends to become frozen and rigid, full of regret and resentment over missed opportunities. Even when the false self is able to break out of its rut, it usually jumps into another one. A new marriage may repeat the same patterns that doomed the previous one. Giving up smoking often leads to overeating. Is there a way out? Yes, but not through the false self. When we live in the false self, our lives are narrow, confined, and repetitious, although it may take us years to see that pattern emerge. Life is so diverse and diverting that it continually offers “just one more” thing that promises to fulfill us.

Another notable characteristic of the false self is its tendency to judge. Much as we may hate to admit it, judging others feels good, in the short term at least. It gives us a momentary sense of superiority and strength.

~~ from the book What’s It Like Being You

The Waiting

I feel lonely. But I have to fight it. There is tomorrow, a lovely day waiting for me. I have to stop thinking about my loneliness and focus on hope. That there is a bright future for me here. Even though I feel isolated now, I know tomorrow will bring me friends and family that will comfort me. I know everything will turn out fine for me. God will suddenly turn things around and I will be happy. I know in my heart it is true. Even though I felt dark and lonely amidst the sunshine seeping through my windows, laughter will pour in tomorrow and I will be free from darkness and be filled with hope.


There will always come a time when something will happen to you and it will shatter you. Hold on. Dont let it bring you down. Cry if you want and release the pain. Pray and pray harder. Trust the process. Eventually you will see yourself in a better place.


I found that podcasts from Chicken Soup for the Soul excites me. Amy Newmark always share excerpts from her book and I am much interested on the topics. Topics such as reclaiming your life, how to stop negative self talk, finding your happiness etc. These subjects are for me and I cant stop buying the books she broadcasts. I found my therapy from her podcasts and books and these is heaven for me. Finally, someone who understands me.

God Friended Me

This show captured my interest. It’s about an atheist who have a podcast and telling people everyday that without God it’s ok. Then one day something happened. The God account friended him on facebook and he found himself helping people along the way. This show has values to teach in every episode. I, personally think that the atheist was tested on his belief. I guess eventually he will believe in God.

My Books of Happiness

In search of happiness, I found myself buying books that is related to being happy. I have Chicken Soup for the Soul Find Your Happiness, Getting Back to Happy, and The How of Happiness ebooks. I am serious about finding my happiness. These books, although I was not able to finish all of them yet, taught me to be grateful for everything I have. But the truth is, these books sparked my interest that I found myself not that depressed or lonely every time I am alone. I found these books intriguing that the time stretches and the ideas in the books inspires me. I recommend these books to people who are serious on finding their happiness. I assure you that these books will give ideas on how to be at peace and happy with what you already have rather than chasing happiness on all places.


I find myself searching for words to motivate me to work. I have enough experience on work and I just don`t feel like doing any as of the moment. It`s just sad that the reason why you work is because you don’t have anything to do at home. I just want to find a deeper reason than just paying the bills. I want to find a fulfilling reason to make me want to get up the morning. I clearly lost my burning passion to live. How will I get it back?